Safescan TimeMoto TM PC Software for Time & Attendance System Unlimited Users Ref 139-0601

Safescan TimeMoto TM PC Software for Time & Attendance System Unlimited Users Ref 139-0601

TimeMoto PC Software for windows/PC. Included with every TimeMoto terminal, this powerful software puts a host of useful functions at your fingertips. Generate instant, up-to-date fire roll-call reports; create daily, weekly, monthly and periodic reports per department and employee; track job costing, hours, overtime, and absences; design employee schedules; export your data to Excel, CSV, PDF or your preferred payroll program—all with an unlimited database, automatic backups and support for multiple TimeMoto terminals.

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  • Assign project and work codes. Set up custom codes for your employees to use when they clock in and out, and the PC software will automatically track the hours worked on each cost centre or project, or spent on business trips and doctor’s visits—you define any incident you want to track. Clear, detailed reports and advanced filters give you instant insight into the accumulated data.
  • Compliant with the new European Privacy Regulation (GDPR)
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Create work schedules and compare them to your employees’ actual hours worked, including automatically calculated overtime: an excellent tool for effective work time management and tracking
  • Edit and manage employee HRM data. Keep all your employee HRM data in one convenient place: name, contact information, work schedule, company history, overtime and vacation, terminal access rights and more.
  • Exports to Excel, PDF, CSV, Payroll
  • For single PC use
  • Our PC software automatically backs up its entire database, including all time records and work schedules, every time you close it. You’ll never have to worry about losing data to an unexpected power or system outage.
  • Overtime management
  • Pay classes allow you to define a basic pay rate per user, or group of users, and apply rules that modify this basic rate. You will be able to generate a report, and display the number of hours linked to each pay rate. The Pay class module has been designed to be as flexible as possible whilst still remaining simple to use. Each Pay class has a name and description, and is linked to a basic pay rate. For every Pay class you will be able to define a set of rules that will modify the pay rate according to the amount of hours worked. Each rule of the Pay class will be triggered when one or more conditions are met.
  • Pay classes and payment reports
  • Per unit
  • Project codes
  • Real-time attendance data
  • Real-Time insight. TimeMoto's clocking in systems push attendance data over your network in real time, so you always know exactly who’s on site at any given instant. In the event of fire or another emergency, you can instantly print a fire roll-call report with a single click, maximizing employee safety.
  • Support for multiple terminals. Install TimeMoto terminals at all the entrances to your building, and the PC software will manage them all, showing you precisely who clocked in at which terminal.
  • Work Schedules
Product Attributes
Model 139-0601
Form Software
Global Attributes
Type Staff Time Clocks
Manufacturer Safescan

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